Our Group Companies

Citadel Investment is Founded in 2004 with the vision to invest in projects with optimum returns. One of the criteria to decide on projects is its value addition to the national economy. MORE

At Engineering Innovation Design and Consulting (EIDC) LLC, we provide a broad spectrum of consultancy services ranging from Project Feasibility Studies to Architectural and Engineering Design, Including Project Management. We are staffed by people who are by nature, innovative thinkers. With a company culture rooted in growth and learning, we attract top performers who continuously aim for the next level. Our passion for the profession and high ethical standards allow us to consistently deliver higher value to the client. MORE

Project Management Consultancy (PMC) is one of the professional PM providers and it is one of the leading professional Engineering Consultancy firm based in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, under the umbrella of Dr. Rashid Al Balushi Design & Consultancy.

Our proposed scope of project management services together with the levels and descriptions of staffing that have been included clearly reflect our understanding of Project Management Practices, Standards, Procedures and Methods, and its practical applications to projects. MORE

Burooj opens up the possibilities of owning international real estate by connecting Real Estate buyers to local Developers and landlords across the globe. MORE